The material used in Safer Automatic Wheelchair Locks was developed by one of America's top corporations, DuPont.

The plastic material used in the locks include Zytel nylon, a component that is strong, durable, and slides easily against itself and metal without lubrication. Even when exposed to water, Zytel will never corrode.


All hardware is stainless steel allowing Safer Locks to be cleaned using any method without the risk of rust or corrosion.

Images below show the precision craftsmanship and quality materials in every Safer Automatic Wheelchair Lock Kit that we build.


Purchasing Options:

Click here for Dealers in your area who can provide you with Safer Lock products. 

If there are no local dealers in your area, please contact us by phone at 601-353-3193 x 215, or by email

Choose a "Safer Wheelchair"


Select one of the various wheelchair makes and models included on our Fit List. Our technicians will then install Safer Locks on your new wheelchair along with any other accessories that you may need and it will be delivered to your door.


It's that easy.


When ordering a "Safer Wheelchair", we will need some basic information to ensure that your new wheelchair is the proper fit and will accommodate your needs.


Our Measurement Form will guide you through this quick and easy process. Simply print and add measurements. This can then be emailed, faxed, or phoned to Safer Automatic Wheelchair Locks or your local dealer if available.


*Same day shipping is offered on Invacare Tracer EX2 and Tracer SX5 stock wheelchairs. Other makes and models may have to be ordered depending on availability.



Add Safer Locks to an existing wheelchair


Safer Lock Kits are available and can be installed with just a few basic tools. Each Safer Lock Kit comes with full-color step by step instructions. An Instructional Video is available by clicking here or by hovering over Support then clicking on the  Manuals & Installation page. 


Our technicians are always available by phone if any assistance is needed during the installation process.


Check the Kit Fit List to determine if there is a Safer Lock Kit compatible to fit your wheelchair.


Contact Safer Locks if assistance is needed to determine the make and model of your wheelchair.


Ship your wheelchair directly to us and we will install Safer Locks on your wheelchair at no charge. 

Just pay the shipping cost and we will handle the rest.

Have a question?

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