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Invacare Absolute Cushion


01-EC66, 01-EC68, 01-EC86,

01-EC88, 01-EC06, 01-EC08

Add to your Wheelchair/Kit Package for greater comfort and protection.

Highly resilient, general use foam wheelchair cushion for users who can shift their own weight for pressure relief.

A simple, comfortable and highly functional solution for users with mild support and posturing needs.

The Invacare Absolute Wheelchair Cushion features molded, dual-firmness foam for increased comfort and support.


  • Gentle contour in cushion aids in centering in the seat and adds comfort

  • Breathable, water-repellent mesh fabric cover dissipates heat and moisture

  • No-slip bottom keeps in place all day

  • Molded polyurethane foam is lightweight and durable

  • Shaped cushion bottom for use on taut sling upholstery



  Dimensions: 16"-20" W x 16" or 18" D

                         Adductor Height: 2.7"

                         Abductor Height: 2.3"

                         Rear Height: 2.25"


  Color:             Black

  Weight:          2 LBS


  Capacity:       250 LBS


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