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  • How do Safer Locks work?
    The Safer Automatic Wheelchair Wheel Lock automatically locks the wheelchair wheels when a persons weight is lifted from the seat of the chair. When weight is lifted from the seat, e.g. when a person stands from the chair- the locks automatically engage, locking the wheels until the weight is reapplied to the seat. When the chair is occupied, i.e. when weight is on the seat, the locks automatically disengage and the user may roll about as he/she wishes. It is that simple; yet this device is highly effective in preventing falls and injuries. Overrides mounted on the handles of the wheelchair can disengage the locks, allowing caregivers the ability to easily move an empty chair. Safer Locks do not interfere with folding the wheelchair.
  • What are the key benefits of Safer Locks?
    Benefits include: reduced falls and injuries, less fear of falling by the user, reduced liability and ease of use.
  • Are Safer Locks difficult to install?
    No. All Safer Lock Kits include an Installation Manual that guide you through the process with written instructions and clear, color pictures. Videos are also available by clicking on the Installation & Troubleshooting tab under the Support page. Our techs are always available by phone, or even Facetime, if assistance is ever needed during installations.
  • Are wheelchairs available with Safer Locks already installed?
    Yes. Safer Locks are made to fit a variety of todays leading wheelchair makes and models. Please see our Products page or contact your Safer Locks Dealer for a complete listing of available models.
  • Why should I use Safer Locks?
    Because most fall and injuries from wheelchairs could easily be prevented by using Safer Locks. Wheelchair falls most commonly occur due to the chair user or caregiver simply forgetting to engage the manual wheel locks. Safer Locks will give wheelchair users and their loved ones the peace of mind in knowing that the wheelchair will always be locked in place every time that transfers take place.
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