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As an occupational therapist and rehabilitation program manager in a skilled nursing facility I have been very pleased with the Safer Automatic W/C Wheel Lock, It is easy to use and does not require frequent adjustments. I have noticed fewer falls  with patients using this device, which in turn has led to fewer injuries.


Lancaster, New Hampshire

I have sold Safer Automatic Wheelchair Wheel Locks for over six months now and after quite a few orders for both chairs and locks installed and with lock kits going directly to the customer, I have had absolutely no complaints as to the ease of installation, use, and overall performance of this product. Most of my customers have ordered additional products and the ones that haven't are budgeting for more Safer Locks next year. All of my customers have said that they feel much better now that their most difficult patients regarding fall potential are so well protected from falling as a result of wheelchair rollback. This testimony is coming from a customer base of 25 to 30 strong.

RP, Practical Medical Products, LLC

Franklin, Tennessee

I think its wonderful, it's much safer


Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

I think the braking system works well, it accomplishes the purpose for what it is designed, I have not had a resident fall when using one.

WF, LPN, Unit Manager

Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Its much safer for the residents and they work.


Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Overall design has proven to be durable and easy for the caregiver to use. We've definitely seen fewer falls in our facility because of this device.


Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

We use the Safer wheelchair locks at our facility. We strive for the best care possible. To do that, we fell that this is the best product.

TJ, Rehab Coordinator

Morton, Mississippi

I am very impressed and 100% satisfied with the automatic locking system. It has kept several of our residents free from falls and even allowed them to become independent with transferring. I love the "unlocking" feature that allows us to still be able to pull the wheelchair when we are ambulating residents who are using a walker and the fact that we can still fold up the chair is awesome.


Wolfeboro, NH

I am writing this note to affirm Emerald Resources appreciation of the Safer wheelchair. Our customers who are currently using the Safer wheelchair are expressing a very high rate of satisfaction with this product. We anticipate continued success with this product and look forward to continuing a long business relationship with this organization.

MG, President, Emerald Resources

North Syracuse, NY

We currently have two units on our wheelchairs and have been very satisfied with their function. The residents like the fact they are less obvious than other products we have used. We like that the chairs seem to be more secure in the locking mechanism and that the chairs can still fold for transporting.


Dobbs Ferry, New York

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